Proverbs 3:27

Last week I was privileged to have worked with my best friend, Joshua Mallett (better known as Josh Rip), on some promo photos for an up an coming Christian recording artist, Nicky Gracious, who Josh has taken under his wing to produce Nicky's first single and accompanying music video. Nicky was sweet, quiet and humble. Josh, friend Carie, Nicky and I began walking to find some places to shoot. On our walk, we found a man helping his friend who had fallen down, intoxicated, in the middle of the street. Nicky quietly walked over and lended his hand. After a few minutes of trying to help this man get upright, Nicky and another gentleman were able to walk him over to a step he could sit on. Nicky asked for the man's name, and began a conversation. The man, who I will refer to as G, began asking for help and began to sob. Nicky became overwhelmed with emotion, and quietly walked away and shed a few tears. Josh and Carie surrounded the man and asked how they could help him, and Nicky composed himself and took G's hand. G said needed psychiatric help and revealed that he was a Vietnam veteran. Not quite knowing what else to do, Josh, Carie and Nicky asked if they could pray with and for G. Nicky had ahold of one hand and Carie had ahold of the other while Josh placed his hand on G's shoulder, and the three of them formed a circle around him and began to pray. At one point, with tears streaming down G's face, he pulled his hands in close so that Josh's and Nicky's hand were touching his temples. G calmed and seemed a little less agitated. We made some calls to see how best to help him, but in the end G stood up and walked away on his own. Everyone needs a little grace sometimes, please reach out. Thank you, Nicky, for stepping foward and offering an invaluable comfort to another soul. It was my great honor to meet you. You are going to soar.